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Registered Nutritional Therapist specialising in supporting people to reignite their energy, improve their digestive health and to feel their best 

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How can nutritional therapy help you

Nutritional Therapy works to understand how food and lifestyle choices influence your individual health. The basis of Nutritional Therapy is personalised nutrition, centered around your unique physical and emotional wellbeing. Whether you have a particular health goal in mind, or have a specific illness or health condition to overcome, the focus is to understand the drivers and root causes to then determine the most effective food and lifestyle changes. This leads to correcting your body’s potential underlying and invisible imbalances and to allow for positive and long term change.


Nutritional Therapy uses evidence based research to make recommendations based on your health history, medical conditions, diet, environment and lifestyle. Along with this approach, you will develop an understanding of how your mind and body work together through numerous interconnected systems. Establishing where there may be nutrient deficiencies or imbalances within the body can help to identify underlying health issues. This information enables me to create a targeted nutrition plan that supports your health goals.

Nutritional Therapy can support you with 

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Fresh Food



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Weight Management




About Rebecca

Registered Nutritional Therapist

I’m on a mission to help you to make food and lifestyle choices that enable you to reach your health goals. I am here to support people looking to reignite their energy, improve their digestive health and to feel their best.


Understanding how food can influence the way you feel doesn't need to be complex or convoluted. I know first hand how confusing it can be trying to find the right information that helps with your health issues. Having experienced my own health concerns, I found it to be an uphill battle finding credible information online, and GP advice normally resulted in strong medication or expensive supplements. The most frustrating part was not knowing how my food and habits could be hindering my recovery and journey to feeling healthy. 


I have spent years trying out new ways of eating, yo-yo dieting and changing my lifestyle until finally I was able to get to the bottom of what was causing my issues. This is when I decided to help others, without you having to spend years trying out different diets and possibly getting stressed and feeling worse in the process.


My philosophy is simple: living a balanced life should not be restrictive, complex or expensive. It is essential to have the knowledge to make healthier food and lifestyle choices based on your individual needs and be able to use your knowledge daily. There will always be change and adaptation, my aim is to enable you to understand your own individual  needs, creative positive habits and make change where needed.

Rebecca Rama Nutritional Therapist
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How I can help

Personalised Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

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