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How to feel better?

Its all about you

Nutrition Consultations

When we talk about feeling better, living symptom free or managing a lifelong condition. Everyone is on an entirely unique journey on how to get there. You may find that you have struggled along following the advice of doctors or health gurus, only to be left feeling deflated, demotivated and worse off than before. The fact may not be that previous advice is wrong, it may just be that it was not aligned to you.

The food that we eat is only one element of good health. Our environment, our external stressors, lifestyle, how much we move and sleep all has such a significant influence on our health. It is hard to only focus on one are when it could be a combination of factors driving your symptoms or condition.

This is where working with a Nutritional Therapist, with a whole body approach can provide tools and guidance to help you reach your health goals.

Fresh Chicken and Vegetable Salad

How does it work

At the moment I am only working with clients via online consultations over Zoom or Skype. 

Nutritional Therapy works on the basis of assessing the whole, connected body. We talk through each body system from head to toe, look at your environment, sleeping habits, working habits, family life, level of activity, rest and relaxation. 


Nutritional Therapy is a process of investigation. We talk through a detailed health history, all the way from prenatal health to current day and everything in between.

With this knowledge, along with your current diet and lifestyle habits and any functional test results I am able to build a picture of your health. I research in to what may be the underlying cause of symptoms, possible drivers of a condition and any imbalances within the body.


A personalised nutrition plan is created for you that includes diet and lifestyle recommendations and if required, further functional testing and nutritional supplements. We will work together, focusing on how your health progresses and ensuring that the changes being made are realistic and sustainable.


My approach

I use evidence based research when creating your nutrition and lifestyle plan. This is combined with my ongoing support, motivation and coaching. I continue to research strategies that best help with your individual plan, making adjustments to the plan as you move along your wellbeing journey.


There may be times when we need to delve a little deeper into what is happening within the body. This is where diagnostic testing comes into place. Test results help to inform decisions for future nutrition plans and way of progressing forward. There also may be times when supplements are recommended to help support the aim of your healthy journey. 


When it comes to working on your health and wellbeing, there is no quick fix solution. In my opinion, there never is. We are all extremely unique with our own experiences and biology. I work with you as an individual and the level of care and support required can be different. 


The primary objective is to take time in getting to understand your body, educating and supporting you through change. I am there to coach and motivate you every step of the way.

If you are still wondering if Nutritional Therapy is right for you, please get in touch and we can organise a free 15 minute discovery call.


The purpose is for us to get to know each other a little better, for me to understand what support you are looking for and to decide if I am the right person to be helping you along this journey.

Hope, London

Rebecca has helped me make long-term changes to my nutrition and understand my body and my condition better

Neeru, Slough

Rebecca has guided me with the food categories, shown me how to shop at a supermarket she’s given me recipes and basically widen my knowledge on food and the types of benefit without making it too daunting and complex

Adam, London

Bec paid incredibly close attention to my overall lifestyle to inform the nutritional plan she devised for me, and that holistic approach meant it felt a much more personal plan.

Naomi, London

Life changing!

I've been working closely with Bec for the last year on my nutrition plan and have seen incredible results and benefits to my health.


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