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Your Energy

Have more energy, feel more you

You are likely here because your low energy is causing you to feel tired and have poor focus. You may also be feeling low on motivation or your moods are up and down. Exercise and moving your body may be a struggle and sleep never seems to be enough. 

You may be experiencing a few of the below:

  • Needing a caffeine hit to really get going in the morning

  • Working through the morning but by the afternoon, you need a nap or reach for sugary foods

  • Finding it hard to focus and concentrate throughout the day 

  • Struggling to get enough sleep

  • Always feeling tired when you wake up

When you have energy you are more likely to make healthier food choices, want to exercise, get out and about and work through the day without feeling so exhausted.

My approach with nutrition coaching

How your body produces and uses energy is unique to you. My approach to you will be simple and effective in three steps:



Energy is so individually unique, so I begin by understanding you, your lifestyle and environment to uncover the factors causing your irregular energy levels. This will be through an in-depth conversation and possibly some testing (which is completely optional).

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With this information, I formulate an easy to follow plan that allows you to get started right away. The plan will enable you to make food and lifestyle choices to unlock your energy potential. We do this together without the fuss and anxiety of rigid rules and removing what you love. I will help you gain a deeper understanding of what your current food and lifestyle choices are doing for your energy, then together we decide on incremental changes to help you to build and maintain the energy levels you want.

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We will have regular check in calls to discuss your progress. These calls will allow us to update the plan and continue to support your next step with practical and realistic advice. I will also be available to you outside of these check-in calls for on-the-go advice and support.

How you will benefit

  • Understand why your food and lifestyle decisions impact your energy throughout the day

  • Make energy promoting choices to maintain your focus and concentration

  • Have a personalised energy support toolkit

  • Know how to buy for and prepare meals that support your energy

  • Build genuine habits that support your energy long term

Get started today with a Free 15 Minute Discovery Call

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