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Changing habits and working on your health can be daunting, especially when you are not too sure on where to start. It may be the case that you have made changes and aren't seeing the results or feeling better. Improving your health takes dedication and when you have support and someone to guide you through each step, your goals are much more achievable. Nutrition coaching means that you will have a clear nutrition plan to follow along with supporting resources. You will have someone to talk to and ask questions at each check in call, meaning that you don't feel like you are doing this on your own.

There is no one size fits all approach to health and nutrition and that is why I offer two different nutrition coaching programs that are tailored to your needs.


Through my Nutrition Coaching programs I am able to offer you a greater hands on support and education to make life long change. I offer these two programs as I have seen in the past, when I work with a client for a single session the desired results are rarely met and I want to make sure that you get the support and guidance needed.

If you would like to find out more or have an introduction call to see how I can help please get in touch.

Light Touch Program

3-6 month nutrition program


The light tough program is for those who may already know a little bit about the right foods to eat and general health, however are still experiencing symptoms. If you have made changes to your diet or already eat really well but are unsure what to do next, this program will offer you personalised support based in you, your environment and lifestyle.


After the initial 90 minute consultation, we will have a follow up every four to six weeks depending on your individual requirements.


The Light Touch package enables us to work together on your health goals, to provide information and support when needed and will make sure that you stay on track.


The package includes

  • 90 minute initial consultation

  • 2 x 45 minute follow up consultations

  • Personalised nutrition plan after each follow up call

  • Recipe resources

  • Lifestyle recommendations

  • Email support between consultations

  • Functional test result recommendation and analysis

  • Personalised supplement recommendations where required


*The Light Touch package is to be paid upfront and used within 6 months

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Bare Nutrition Lifestyle Package

3 month 1:1 Nutrition Coaching Program


This program is designed to coach, support and educate you to make changes for lifelong results.

We will speak weekly via phone, email or in person to ensure you have the support you need.

This package includes:


  • 7 Consultations over 3 months

    • 4 consultations in person or online

    • 3 x 20 minute phone check-ins, to help keep you on track

    • Consultations may include 1 hour shopping guide or an at home cooking session

  • Full analysis of your health history, past and present

  • Food and lifestyle strategies that address areas of concern and imbalance

  • I will be advising you on all aspects of you diet and nutrient intake, lifestyle and exercise, relaxation and sleep

  • Personalised functional testing and supplement recommendations where required

  • You will receive a revised nutrition plan every month

  • Your welcome pack includes a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan with supporting recipes, meal variations and cooking tips

*The Lifestyle Package is to be paid in 3 instalments over 3 months

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