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Weight Management

Weight management designed for you

You may be reading this as you want to find a healthy and sustainable way to manage your weight. You have had enough of fad diets and food restrictions and you are ready to take a personal approach to your weight and how you feel about it.

‘Dieting’ and ‘weight loss’ programs as we know them very rarely work. Following a fad diet, excessive detoxing or imposing large restrictions on your calorie intake might help the scales go down a little, but it never lasts. Some people experience putting on even more weight in the future. It can also being detrimental to your health long term.

Although food plays a big part, it’s not the only reason you might be holding more weight than you’re used to. Your hormones, life stage, activity, stress levels, health conditions and environment are all contributing to you not being able to reach your healthy body weight.

Here are some common weight management challenges I help people to overcome:

  • Confusion around what ‘healthy’ foods are and where to incorporate them

  • Breaking old ‘bad’ habits and making cravings a good thing

  • Leaving the fad diets behind and focussing on the long term 

  • Regular exercise but feeling minimal results

My approach with nutrition coaching

Your weight management program will be all about you. The first and most important step is to understand what you are currently doing in both your food choices and lifestyle. We will talk through your health history and I may recommend further testing to better understand what is going on inside that might be contributing to your weight challenges.


We then have an in-depth discussion and talk through a phased approach, introducing changes that are easy to make and work with your routine and lifestyle.


We will have regular check in calls to discuss your progress. These calls will allow us to update the plan and continue to support your next step with practical and realistic advice. I will also be available to you outside of these check-in calls for on-the-go advice and support.

Healthy Meal

How you will benefit

  • Understand why your food and lifestyle decisions impact your energy throughout the day

  • Make energy promoting choices to maintain your focus and concentration

  • Have a personalised energy support toolkit

  • Know how to buy for and prepare meals that support your energy

  • Build genuine habits that support your energy long term

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