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Fruits Covered in Chocolate


Hope - London

Rebecca was recommended to me by a friend. After being diagnosed with PCOS, I was confused by what this meant for me, my diet and lifestyle choices and was struggling to find any clear information on a way forward. My initial and follow up consultations were amazing - she was easy to talk to, took the time to understand my personal circumstances and gave me a series of personalised plans that addressed my PCOS, but also fit in with my lifestyle. She has helped me make long-term changes to my nutrition and understand my body and my condition better. I would highly recommend

Neeru - Slough

Rebecca has been my nutritionist for the last 4 months . I came to her with concerns of my cholesterol being high . She knew I was serious about changing things . She has guided me with the food categories showed me how to shop at a supermarket she’s given me recipes and basically widen my knowledge on food and the types of benefit without making it too daunting and complex. Initially she does take a full history of your health and leaves no stone unturned in asking questions . I would most definitely recommend Rebecca as she’s personable caring and gentle in her approach . Also she makes it logically do-able! We still have a journey together and I look forward to it

Adam - London

I'm convinced that the advice that Bec provided made such a huge difference to the quality of my Triathlon training and my race day performance. Bec paid incredibly close attention to my overall lifestyle to inform the nutritional plan she devised for me, and that holistic approach meant it felt a much more personal plan.Bec's recommendations were manageable, and not daunting, and that made the process much easier to follow and stick with. An amazing help, and would highly recommend!

Jeni - Oxfordshire

I've been working with Rebecca for a number of months after struggling with some digestive issues and severe bloating. Rebecca took the time to listen to my concerns, and came up with a monthly plan for me to follow - based on the outcome of some testing. It was really eye-opening to see that so many elements have contributed to the issues I was having, not just the food I was eating - but my lifestyle and stresses too. We're working towards a goal, and I wouldn't have been able to do that without Rebecca's help. My bloating has hugely reduced since taking an understanding of what was causing it. I would highly recommend working with Rebecca to help resolve any issues you're struggling with. She's the loveliest person to talk to, and is honest in her approach to nutrition and wellbeing. Thank you! 

Naomi - London

Life changing! I've been working closely with Bec for the last year on my nutrition plan and have seen incredible results and benefits to my health.

Hope, London

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